alfalfa granulated animal feeding

Propellet Alfalfa Premium

Humidity Max. 11%
Protein 17%
Fibre 26%
Ash 15%
Calcium 1,7%
Phosphorus 0,20%
Propellet Alfalfa Premium Propellet Alfalfa Premium Propellet Alfalfa Premium

Dehydrated granulated alfalfa for animal feed, suitable for dairy and meat cattle, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits and camels. Compressed into pellets at our own production plant. We preserve all the original nutritive and digestive properties: with a high content of protein, calcium and phosphorus. Dehydrated alfalfa in pellet form. Presentation: green, uniform and compact. Diameter: 6mm, uniform cylinder format. Packaging: available in bulk, big bag (1000 Kg) and standard bags (40 kg).