Closure of the 2013/14 campaign atypical Climatology

Besides the statistical data of contracted and dried fodder production by AC then collect you, if anything he has excelled this season has ended, it was from the side of the weather, with a first abnormal quarter has most directly impacted on the business side The months of April, May and June were unusually cold and rainy, very desirable for the production of cereal but very negative for the production of alfalfa quality, conditioning the nearly 50% of production. The final production amounted to 1,659,688 t, 2.5% higher than in the previous 2012/13. By CC.AA. the largest rise was in Castilla y León, with + 18%, influenced by the good harvest of forage in drylands. Furthermore, poor quality in the 1st and 2nd cut have hindered the fluidity in sales, and unlike previous campaigns, the stock link has been high and low grades.